Don’t indulge in politics- Bhutto asks intelligence agencies


During her election campaign in Dera Allah Yar, former premier and PPP leader Benazir Bhutto urged intelligence agencies to concentrate on capturing terrorists instead of indulging in politics. She told the intelligence agencies that “It is not your job to indulge in politics” and alleged that the use of intelligence agencies for political purposes had worsened the situation of the country. While talking to media Bhutto said that she had evidences of involvement of intelligence agencies in electoral process and said “We demand that the Election Commission take notice of such things to ensure free and fair elections.” She also wanted Government to act against those involved in poll rigging. Benazir also accused local Nazims of gearing up to cheat. She vowed that if she was voted to power, then she would put an end to army operations in Balochistan and would readdress the grievances of the provinces. Addressing a public meeting at Jacobabad, she promised to end miseries of masses by providing employment. She also highlighted her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s sacrifice of his life for principles. She also stressed the importance of law and order for country’s development and added that judges cannot provide justice if they are not allowed to do so.       

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21.12.07 08:22

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