Pakistan EC turns down Bhutto’s demands


Former Pakistan Prime Minister and Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Benazir Bhutto’s demand for handing over election arrangements to the Army has been turned down by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Kanwar Muhammad Khan Dilshad, the secretary of Election Commission said, “The commission was not considering handing over election supervision to the Army.” Earlier Ms Bhutto had said that for the supervision of polls her party would not accept deployment of volunteers and that Army should be called to conduct the Pakistan general elections 2008 if police strength wasn’t sufficient. Mr Dilshad said that a list of normal, sensitive and very sensitive polling stations would be announced on Dec 26 by the EC and that at ‘very sensitive’ stations Pakistan Army might be deputed. Bhutto’s recent demand is given great importance by the election observers as all opposition parties including the PPP have been opposing any role of the Army in conducting the elections in the past.  

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26.12.07 02:52

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